(I’ve decided to keep this page as it was originally written, even though ID-Day is here.  You can find me @chemobrainfog on twitter or blogging at Chemobrain: In The Fog.)

Many of you know me.  I am one of you.  I blog.  I tweet.  I am on Facebook.  And I am very active in the breast cancer community.  I have struggled with my own issues of sex and intimacy.  And I know I am not alone.

I will co-author this book with a highly respected gynecological oncologist.  The information is being gathered anonymously, at least in the initial stages, not as a gimmick or to create an aura of mystery.  For now, it’s more about keeping a low profile to determine if there is enough interest and participation. The number of respondents will provide the answer.

It is anticipated it will take approximately six months to collect the information and additional time will be necessary to put the information together, identify common themes and find out what is really happening behind closed doors (and in our minds, too).  The goal is one year from launch to publication.

Through this site I will be able to keep everyone updated as the project progresses.  I will not remain under the cloak of anonymity. If it appears there is limited interest and this never sees the light of day, I will identify myself.  If the project takes off, I will identify myself.

You may contact me by email at: sharethosemoments@gmail.com.

Once we make contact, if you wish to talk in person, over the telephone, or via Skype we can do so.

With deepest gratitude,

Anne Marie Ciccarella