I participated in a webinar sponsored by my friends at Breast Cancer Action.  They knew about this project and invited me to share some of what I’ve learned from the narratives you have provided.

As we approach the season of “we have no time for a single thing,” I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for participating in the survey.  Since I’m not an analyst and my best work seems to lie in translating the research of others, I’m in the process of putting together the information in a working outline.

Both surveys are still open.  This project was launched a year ago.  It is not a stagnant project.  It is one of great importance to me and it is also one that requires thought and time and a clear mind in order to do it proper justice.  I will continue collecting information as I move this up the list of priorities.  2015.  The Year Of Me.

As I wrote in my primary blog, this year has been one where I’ve been challenged and tested on many levels.  My time has been consumed by things well beyond my control and all of those things required my involvement.  My writing in 2014 was 25% of what it had been since I first began blogging.  Some things are not blog worthy.  My blog is about me, it’s not about invading the privacy of those who choose not to live life so openly.  Unfortunately, some of this so called involvement does directly involve me.  It has been incredibly difficult to keep this from my public life but I must respect with wishes of others.

With that thought, I wish each of you the happiest holiday season and a new year filled with joy and peace and love.  And to those who are riding a rough patch, know that I’m beside you in that very same patch.  I’m determined to reclaim my life for me and to remember the old adage about putting on my own oxygen mask on FIRST.  As I reach for the oxygen, I leave you with the full You Tube presentation of the first peek at what I learned from all of you.

It’s an hour long, and there is a photo of my scars…… found in a medical journal….. and although I was never TOLD the image is me, I do know what I look like.  And, I know I stood in front of the mirror comparing every line, every mark and if that’s not me, well, let’s just say I have a breast cancer reconstruction twin out there who happens to have been operated on at the same time, in the same hospital…..

There was a question at the end of the webinar regarding the anonymity of the respondents.  I wanted to provide the answer to that question.  The percentage of those who identified themselves by name….. 81%.  The same percentage provided valid email contact information.  In addition, 39.5% included phone contact info.  In other words, thank you for being so open about everything!

With love,